Remote Patient Monitoring & Diabetes: Part 1

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For a disease where missed readings can mean life-threatening consequences, Remote Patient Monitoring presents new opportunities for the easy, successful management of diabetes.

The diabetes epidemic currently affects tens of millions of Americans, and is one of the most prolific diseases of the 21st century. Modern advancements have had incredible effects on the quality of life of people living with diabetes. Yet, many gaps still exist in regards to accessibility.

The Problem With Diabetes Management

A large population of diabetic patients still face barriers in accessing the tools that would allow them to easily and safely manage their daily health with this disease.

The recurring costs related to daily consumables, many of which are not covered by insurance, can be burdensome, and can result in patients simply not having the data they need to effectively manage their illness. What’s more, many remote patient monitoring devices and services do not help in reducing this burden.

This means that while we already have technology that solves many of the severe problems related to diabetes, Americans are still not accessing these solutions.

No-Cost Service Solutions

In contrast, Accuhealth’s services provide unlimited, no-cost diabetic consumables to patients who are using the platform.

Not only is Accuhealth’s system designed from a perspective of social responsibility, it is designed to positively impact the healthcare industry as a whole.

By providing unlimited, no-cost consumables and devices to diabetic patients, Accuhealth’s services result in patients taking more readings, and doctors having more awareness and control of their patient’s ongoing medical care.

All of this allows for comprehensive preventative approaches in treating diabetic patients, resulting in a lowered risk of emergency, and lower premiums for everyone.

With Accuhealth, patients are less likely to be affected by unforeseen complications, as they are provided solutions that are both affordable and easy to implement from the comfort of their own homes.

By removing the usual barriers related to daily readings, Accuhealth helps doctors and patients remain in constant awareness of a patient’s health status, and alerts them to issues that could suggest a future emergency.

This creates better results for doctors, and empowers patients to have a sense of comfort and control in managing their health.

The potential to successfully managing diabetes with remote patient monitoring is not about new technological advancements, but rather about designing existing advancements in ways that actually fill in the gaps of service provision.

Find out more about how Accuhealth is filling those gaps, and how our products and services fit the lived realities of diabetic patients in ways that truly improve their quality of life at

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