Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring Software. Understood.

Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and some commercial payers reimburse for Remote Patient Monitoring. Learn about Medicaid Telemonitoring in Texas.
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Real-time Improved Outcomes & Cost Savings

See real-time unnecessary hospital visits avoided and direct savings to Medicare from patients using Accuhealth RPM...



Unique Patients



Hospital Visits Avoided



Medicare Savings

How It Works

  1. Sign up

    Our onboarding specialists can get your clinic setup over the phone in about 20 minutes.

  2. EHR Integration

    Our operations team will begin installing your EHR integration so that you can start ordering RPM right away. EHR integration can be done completely virtually.

  3. Training

    You and your staff will watch a series of short online on-demand training videos and you'll have access to unlimited one-on-one hands-on training as needed.

  4. Enroll your patients

    Enroll your patients through our EHR integration or through our secure online patient submission form. Once your RPM order reaches us, we'll ship out the appropriate device to the patient right away and get them onboarded.

  5. Review and respond to critical alerts

    Our clinical team will call your patients when their readings are abnormal and then escalate appropriate ones to your attention. The time our clinical team spends with your patients accrues towards your billing of RPM codes (we don't bill the payers for RPM, you do).

  6. Bill and get reimbursed

    We'll generate a monthly billing spreadsheet that your biller will need to generate your RPM claims for the previous month. We'll provide one-on-one billing assistance for you and your team, so that you know exactly how to file these claims.

Achieving Measurable Outcomes

Accuhealth data proves that Remote Patient Monitoring keeps patients out of the hospital and reduces Medicare costs. Both short-term and sustained long-term improvements to BLOOD PRESSURE, BLOOD GLUCOSE, AND WEIGHT


Net Promoter Score

The average NPS is 32. Accuhealth is a leader in patient satisfaction.

Readmission Reduction

Patients marked as high risk get extra attention from clinical staff and minimize the risk of hospital unnecessary hospital visits.

Cost of Care Reduction

Due to high touch points, we are able to help patients instead of going to the emergency room.

Average biometric data improvements over time...

-27 mg/dl

Blood Glucose

-21 mmhg

Systolic Blood Pressure

-16 mmhg

Diastolic Blood Pressure

-3 BPM

Resting Heart Rate

-16 lbs

Weight Loss


Adherence Rate


Medication Adherence Increase


Patient Satisfaction

True No-Cost EHR Integration

All patient readings and other biometric recordings are sent securely and autonomously from our telemonitoring devices, via their 4G cellular-enabled chips, received from the cloud, stored within our proprietary software platform, and seamlessly integrated back into your existing Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Real Data. Real Fields.

Truly Seamless EHR Integration

EHR integration is critical for Remote Patient Monitoring success so that the RPM program can integrate into your current workflow and so that you can easily generate quality reports using the RPM data. Many RPM vendors claim "integration," but in reality all they do is scan PDFs; our integration places readings into true data fields in your EHR. With some EHRs, we can even auto-generate RPM claims.
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Accuhealth Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Remote Patient Monitoring program is risk free. Cancel anytime with no contracts or long-term commitments. You will only be reimbursed for patients who participate.

Our Hardware

We provide EHR-connected blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, sleep and resting heart rate monitors, and weight scales with these features:


  • Built-in integration with cloud-based EHRs
  • First device for each patient provided as part of our service
  • Device consumables (lancets, test strips, batteries) included
  • HIPAA-compliant secure data transmission
  • No WiFi, Bluetooth, tablet, or smartphone required for the patient
  • Verizon certified, with roaming capabilities on AT&T and T-Mobile. What this means - our devices work anywhere there is cellphone service globally.

Our Software

You and your team will have access to our proprietary web-based SOC2-certified, HIPAA-compliant RPM platform, which serves as the central hub for the entire RPM program.
  • Receives and organizes all biometric data
  • Integrates with cloud-based EHRs
  • Securely records and transcribes calls with patients
  • Automatically time stamps all patient interactions
  • Generates clinical and billing reports

Alerts and Escalations

Accuhealth data proves that Remote Patient Monitoring keeps patients out of the hospital and reduces Medicare costs. Both short-term and sustained long-term improvements to BLOOD PRESSURE, BLOOD GLUCOSE, AND WEIGHT

Active Patients

Using RPM devices


Critical Patients

Escalated to provider


At-Risk Patients

Monitored according to clinical algorithms


Normal Patients

Requiring no action


Practice-Wide Thresholds

When you and your clinic onboard with us, we will ask you to determine your "At Risk" and "Critical" alert thresholds for each physiological parameter (blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, etc.). These will be your practice-wide default thresholds.

Per-Patient Thresholds

You will also be able to set and change custom thresholds for any patient as needed. When a patient has an At Risk reading, our team will review the reading result to determine if this is typical for the patient or whether a phone call is indicated. If a patient has a Critical reading, we will call the patient and determine if the situation needs to be escalated to the ordering provider. All our phone calls with patients and providers are done on our secure recorded platform.

Submitting Claims for Interactive Time

We know, learning any new codes can seem daunting, but rest assured, we make it easy. 

Do a deep dive into Remote Patient Monitoring codes in RPM University.

Relieve Clinical Burden

Automated Timestamps and Digital Paper Trail of Clinical Interactions

All patient interaction is automatically recorded and time-stamped for easy review and a secure audit trail.  Accuhealth empowers providers with the right data that is always HIPAA compliant and SOC2 certified for the highest level of cyber security and bullet-proof compliance. 

Automatic Reporting at Your Fingertips

Clinical and Billing Report Generation

Automatically generate billing reports to stay up to date on reimbursements. Get detailed patient reports that track health metrics and up-to-date patient vitals.  You will never owe Accuhealth for a patient or claim that you were not able to collect on.

Tutorial Video

How to Read your RPM Billing Report

The video covers everything from accessing your monthly RPM billing report to understanding the various codes and fees associated with it. By following along with the video, you'll be able to gain a clear understanding of how to navigate the RPM billing system and use it to streamline your billing process.

CPT Code Overview

CPT Code Medicare Rate Time Spent Notes
99453 $19 N/A

One time patient setup onto RPM

99454 $62 N/A

Device supply and recordings; every 30 day code.

99457 $52 20-39 min

First 20 min of RPM clinical time (reviewing readings, phone calls...); calendar month code.

99458 $42 40-59 min 60+ min

Each additional 20 min of RPM clinical time, max 2 units; calendar month code

Billing & Payments

Simple Transparent Pricing

We bill you every month for the previous month's work. We only charge you for patients who meet billing thresholds.

  • No capital outlay if you only order one device per patient
  • Net 30 so that you have enough time to get paid first
CPT Code Medicare Rate Time Spent Notes
99453 $19 N/A

One time patient setup onto RPM

Patient Engagement

Accuhealth data proves that Remote Patient Monitoring keeps patients out of the hospital and reduces Medicare costs. Both short-term and sustained long-term improvements to BLOOD PRESSURE, BLOOD GLUCOSE, AND WEIGHT

Icon of a monitor

Automated Reminders

In addition to our live agents who call patients, our automated reminder system will send SMS reminders to patients to remind them to take their readings. 

Icon of a battery

Consumables Included

We supply patients with consumables for their devices, including batteries, diabetic lancets and test strips as part of our service. For some patients, not having to pay for consumables is a real motivator to continue the program. 

Icon of a bingo board

Bingo Game

Patients can opt to participate in our fun monthly bingo game where each day they take a measurement they earn a bingo token, increasing their chance of winning monthly gift-card prizes that we provide. 

Ready to Setup Your Clinic?

Just click the link below to talk to a member of our sales team or to learn more about our Remote Patient Monitoring solution and get your clinic setup in under 24 hours.

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