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Welcome to RPM U! Accuhealth's education center for healthcare providers who want a comprehensive understanding of Remote Patient Monitoring. Watch training videos, read RPM articles, real-world case studies and FAQs, listen to virtual care podcasts and much more.

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Introduction to RPM and Impact on Healthcare

Remote monitoring is officially the new staple medical service for delivering value-based healthcare.  RPM is becoming a standard in both primary and specialty care.

What it was? What it is now?


Collecting physiological data few times per year and making medical decisions (medication, exercise, diet) VS Collecting physiological data daily and fine tuning medical decisions (medication, exercise, diet)


Reactive Care VS Proactive Care (old way is patient has an extreme event like hospitalization then doctor reacts to patient condition vs new way is doctor gets an SMS alert of an adverse physiological reading and modifies the care plan to keep the patient out of the hospital)


Old Medium of Delivering Care VS New Medium of Delivering Care (old way is ad hoc visit clinic waiting room few times per year vs new way patient gets right sized and real time care based on their physiological data which reduces unwanted waiting room visits and increases more appealing virtual visits)


Current Doctor (blind with limited data and limited clinical support outside of working hours) VS Super Doctor (empowered with a wealth of data / data driven, trends, notifications, correlations, and 24/7 clinical support from an RPM services vendor)

Impact to Total Cost of Care - Huge Savings from RPM - Accuhealth alone saved the healthcare system $44M+ dollars in avoided Emergency and Hospital visits in 2021.

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

RPM is the use of digital technologies to collect and analyze physiologic patient data from one location and electronically transmit that information securely to providers in a different location. Patient data can include vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and/or pacemaker information.


Order Patients a Monitoring Device

We provide patients an EHR-connected monitoring device that monitors blood pressure, glucose, pulse ox, and/or weight. Devices send data automatically and digitally back to our platform and the provider's EHR. 


Respond to Abnormal Readings

When patients have abnormal readings, our 24/7 clinical team of nurses and MAs will call your patient, assess, and escalate only those cases that need to be escalated, minimizing disruption to you and your practice. 


Bill the Payer for Providing RPM

Our clinical team's interactions with your patients generates time towards the time-based RPM codes that you will bill Medicare (or other payer) monthly. We help you with billing details so that you can generate clean claims.

Does RPM Really Work?

Yes, RPM does work!


Improved Clinician Experience
Objective Data, 24/7/365 clinical support from RPM Vendors, More patient touchpoints using technology and virtual visits, Reduced Cognitive Overload, Increased Marginal Reimbursements.


Improved Patient Experience
Real-time and proactive care, 24/7/365 clinical support, virtual care in the comfort of the home, empowered with data to take ownership of their own health, less emergency, and hospital visits.


Lower Cost of Care
In 2021, Accuhealth alone avoid 3,271 hospital visits, saving CMS an estimated net savings of $44,485,600 based on an average Medicare cost per patient of $13,600 (found at

And most importantly, Better Health Outcomes...


Frequently Asked Questions

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Clinic Onboarding

How long does it take for a new clinic to get started with Accuhealth?
A new clinic can be live with us in as fast as 24 hours, although with training and EHR integration, the typical onboarding period is 3 to 5 business days.
How do I sign up with Accuhealth?

Book an appointment with one of our client specialists using this link. Our client specialist will make sure that you understand the program and get your onboarding information loaded into our system, so that you can get started quickly.

What if I have some questions before signing up, how should I reach out?

Book an appointment with one of our client specialists using this link: schedule a demo

Can I ask you a question?

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. The Accuhealth Chat Bot is easily located in the bottom right corner of your browser window. Alternatively, you can book a demo by clicking here.


The Keys To Success With Your RPM Program

A lot of RPM vendors out there are over-promising and under-delivering.

Keep reading to understand the keys to success and industry secrets when selecting an RPM vendor, and what to watch out for, such as:

  • The hardware you can trust for accurate and reliable patient readings
  • Why you need 24/7/365 bi-lingual clinical staff to monitor your patients and manage interventions
  • The importance of true EHR integration
  • How to get the right data to stay ahead of negative health outcomes to keep your patients healthy, happy, and out of the hospital.

What To Expect

What to expect from RPM / Key KPIs to measure the success of your RPM PROGRAM


(Including significant Readmission Rate Reduction for Hospitals deploying RPM)


(without increasing cognitive overload)


RPM should generate significant revenue for your practice and quickly become a top line item in your Medicare claims.




(avg patient churn is <2% and patients are "sticky" to the Provider that is analyzing their physiological data and better managing their care plan)


(Improved patient engagement and experience)


and in fact. see your patients more regularly in-person.

Hardware / RPM Devices


Hardware is one of the most important components of any RPM program. Since your patients will be using them on a daily basis to collect the physiological reading the RPM devices need to be extremely user-friendly, accurate, and reliable, particularly with our elderly patients. Look for simple to use technology that is plug and play straight out of the box.

  • Bluetooth VS Cellular Devices (Not all cellular devices are created equal). If you have Bluetooth, get ready for trouble - unreliable, third-party connectivity issues.
  • Cellular preferred for ease of use, Increased connectivity - should work on all major cellular carriers globally, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile/Sprint, to ensure the best coverage possible.
  • Not All 4G devices use all networks, most use just AT&T. Telli Health the vendor Accuhealth uses has been certified on all major networks and can use Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile to eliminate gaps in coverage or connectivity issues.

Inventory / Purchasing Devices

You should never have to manage device inventory or purchase any devices up front, nor have to pay for device consumables.

Your RPM provider should also have a full product suite / wide range of remote patient monitoring devices, including but not limited to:


Pulse Oximeter

Blood Glucose Meter


Weight Scale


Blood Pressure Monitor

tellihealth_ thermometer-new


All of these devices should also work on the same technology (Bluetooth vs cellular).

For example, TELLI HEALTH (pictured above) offers a full suite of devices with cellular connectivity and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and great customer support.

Turnkey RPM Service Vendor

RPM is both technical and cumbersome, something that cannot be delivered independently by a healthcare professional, regardless of size and scope. It is important to choose an RPM vendor that will manage as many components of the RPM process as possible (and preferably ALL components of the RPM process). The essential components include:

  • RPM Software Management
  • Medical Device Procurement and Management
  • Informed Patient Consent
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consumables Management
  • Patient Education and Onboarding
  • Ongoing Patient Adherence
  • Ongoing Patient Care and Clinical Interventions
  • Reporting, Coding, and Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • EHR Integration
  • Scale with Ease

These are all critical components for successful RPM delivery.

RPM Guides & Whitepapers

Get valuable insight into how Accuhealth can increase measurable outcomes, from family clinics to FQHCs, there is a solution tailored to your needs.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 12.03.23 PM
Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 12.06.42 PM
Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 12.23.42 PM
Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 12.16.04 PM

Scaling Your RPM Program


In order for RPM to work you need to be able successfully scale. While putting one or two people on RPM might help those patients, it does not give you the total view of all your patients unless you have vast amount of your patient census subscribed to the service. If the program works for 1 or 2 patients, just Imagine the potential for hundreds of your patients.

EHR integration is imperative for the success of any RPM service. Make your RPM vendor explain how their integration works, and ensure that is not just a flat file, and that they have the ability to put patient vitals directly into the patient's chart for easy viewing.

Patient Engagement

What is the RPM providers patient engagement plan (to keep patients engaged for many months)? Without patient compliance/adherence, there is no RPM program.

Utilize regular personalized HIPAA compliant messaging, based on the patients/providers' preference via SMS, phone or Telemedicine video call. Keeping the patients engaged, educated, and empowered is important to improving their health outcomes.


Patient Feedback

Hear from patients using Accuhealth RPM


Sample RPM Care Plan

Click the link below to download your sample Remote Patient Monitoring care plan.

Download Sample RPM Care Plan


Common Fears

A lot of doctors are concerned that RPM is going to take over their life with 24/7 care, but the reality is that most patients take their readings between 5am and 5pm, typical clinic operating business hours.

A lot of physicians are concerned that they will be paying for a service without successfully being able to bill.

Pick a partner with a proven track record of successful billing so that they will be able to deliver on their promises and that your clinic can run a successful RPM program.

Many clinics who have worked with providers with rigid billing terms and long term contracts. At Accuhealth we believe in partnerships and understand that sometimes claims are denied. You want a provider who will work with you to ensure your CPT code billing is effective and runs smoothly, as well as helping to process any rejected claims.

A lot of physicians are worried they won't see their patients anymore.

What actually happens is you see your at risk patients more often as you have better metrics on how they are doing in between visits and your healthy patients still come in on their regular cadence.

Specialization - pick an RPM provider who specializes in RPM! Many of the provider out there will claim to be RPM experts when in fact RPM is something they only do as an added service.



As a physician, we all know medical services we render will generate revenue, and it is important to make business decisions on which medical service is worth the investment patient-wise as well as business-wise. However if an RPM vendor first communicates HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN MAKE, this should be a red flag and a warning that this RPM vendor might not be the one for you.

Your RPM program should always be patient-care/quality of care focused, rather than revenue-focused. The goal of remote patient monitoring is to reduce the overall cost of care, and if an RPM provider Is focused on revenue, they probably don't understand how RPM works. If you provide the highest quality of care, patients will stay with you for longer and more patients will adopt your RPM program.

Ask for documented proof of how their program helps the patients have them explain the full process of RPM end to end how it works and try to poke holes in their story. For example, are you buying devices and sending them to patients? Do you have space in your office to manage inventory? Who troubleshoots the devices if they are not working? Are they available 24x7 to help you or your patients?

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