Ready to Start Your Own Remote Patient Monitoring Program?

If you're looking to start your own Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program or an enterprise looking to start your own Telehealth program, you've come to the right place. Accuhealth offers a turn-key solution tailored to your needs.

Simple Transparent Pricing

Accuhealth provides several cost-effective Remote Patient Monitoring plans. Enterprise customers will receive a discount from Telli Health.

Item Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
5000 - 9999
Tier 4

Evelyn Software (pmpm)*

$19.00 $17.00 $15.00 Contact Us

EMR Integration - Daily Vitals (pmpm)

$5.00 $4.00 $3.00 Contact Us

EMR Integration - Monthly Reports (pmpm)

$5.00 $4.00 $3.00 Contact Us

Premium Support (pmpm)**

10% of Monthly Service Fees (Minimum $750)  

RPM as a Service Setup - One-Time Fee


Business Associate Agreement - Annual Fee


* Per Patient Per Month (pmpm)

**Minimum $750 monthly charge for Premium Support (Includes prioritized ticket resolution and a dedicated Client Success Representative)

EMR Integration One Time Setup Cost

Epic / Cerner


All Other EMRs***


***Athena/eCW/Practice Fusion/Greenway/All Scripts/Kareo/etc.

Real-time Improved Outcomes & Cost Savings

See real-time unnecessary hospital visits avoided and direct savings to Medicare from patients using Accuhealth RPM...



Unique Patients



Hospital Visits Avoided



Medicare Savings

Standard Features

Accuhealth offers a number of affordable RPM packages, and each package comes with up to two standard home monitoring devices for each patient at no extra charge.

Evelyn 3.0

With the release of Evelyn 3.0, Accuhealth is proud to offer our customers tiered service options to fit every use case.

EHR Integration

Accuhealth can integrate with any EHR on the market, as long as it is web based.

Fully Supported

We offer software and hardware support for all aspects of your program.

Deliver Measurable Outcomes

Accuhealth data proves that RPM keeps patients out of the hospital and reduces Medicare costs. Patients who use Accuhealth RPM are healthier than patients who don't. Both short-term and sustained long-term improvements with high-touch 24/7/365 care.


Net Promoter Score

The average NPS is 32. Accuhealth is a leader in patient satisfaction.

Readmission Reduction

Patients marked as high risk get extra attention from clinical staff and minimize the risk of hospital unnecessary hospital visits.

Cost of Care Reduction

Due to high touch points, we are able to help patients instead of going to the emergency room.

Average biometric data improvements over time...

-27 mg/dl

Blood Glucose

-21 mmhg

Systolic Blood Pressure

-16 mmhg

Diastolic Blood Pressure

-3 BPM

Resting Heart Rate

-16 lbs

Weight Loss


Adherence Rate


Medication Adherence Increase


Patient Satisfaction

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Evelyn 3.0 is our proprietary AI-technology that assists our Health Operations Center (HOC) to provide you with the most advanced Remote Patient Monitoring solution on the market. With over 100,000+ touchpoints daily, Evelyn utilizes predictive analytics to analyze patient behavior and alert you before a crisis occurs.

Tracking Adherence and Other Trends

Predictive Analytics for Trend Analysis and Behavioral Insights

Evelyn employs predictive analytics to better understand health trends like daily patient readings and compliance. This technology allows Accuhealth to spot changes in patient behavior and highlight trends to a physician who can help the patient if they are falling off their care plan. In-depth analytics enable providers to see all vital patient information in a single pane of glass. Data-driven healthcare gives providers the tools to analyze trends and get ahead of negative health outcomes to keep patients healthy, happy and out of the hospital.
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🔍 Sentiment Analysis Stays Ahead of Negative Health Outcomes Open in lightbox
Identify At-Risk Patients

Sentiment Analysis Stays Ahead of Negative Health Outcomes

Accuhealth RPM utilizes behavioural analytics capabilities. With these services Evelyn harnesses Sentiment Analysis from our built-in call center to analyze patient - clinician interactions. Based on these communications metrics, like speech and tone patterns, Evelyn can identify patients who may require to be highlighted to their physicians to assist them with their mental well-being. The Accuhealth model lets providers get ahead of negative health outcomes that would normally be undetected.

Increased Engagement

Personalized Outreach and Reminders for Improved Clinical Outcomes

Fully customizable outreach via SMS, telephone, email, or video telemedicine call.  Increased patient engagement by using Accuhealth's clinical care team to provide full-service care coordination, medication and appointment reminders, health coaching, and the patient's preferred method of communication to build healthy habits.
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Real Data. Real Fields.

Truly Seamless EHR Integration

EHR integration is critical for Remote Patient Monitoring success so that the RPM program can integrate into your current workflow and so that you can easily generate quality reports using the RPM data. Many RPM vendors claim "integration," but in reality all they do is scan PDFs; our integration places readings into true data fields in your EHR. With some EHRs, we can even auto-generate RPM claims.
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Integrated Software Platform

Accuhealth offers a software platform at no-cost to registered accounts. Our easy-to-use software acts as a central hub for you and your team to manage your clinic and monitor your patients in a single pane of glass.

Our Software

You and your team will have access to our proprietary web-based SOC2-certified, HIPAA-compliant RPM platform, which serves as the central hub for the entire RPM program.
  • Receives and organizes all biometric data
  • Integrates with cloud-based EHRs
  • Securely records and transcribes calls with patients
  • Automatically time stamps all patient interactions
  • Generates clinical and billing reports
Clinical Insights at a Glance

Single-Pane Clinic and Patient Overview

Physicians and staff can get a birds-eye overview of their clinic, patient status, and trends. Our easy-to-use software platform comes with a built-in customizable central dashboard that allows seeing important clinical metadata such as the total time spent with patients, adherence and reading trends, alerts for patient conditions, and much more.
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Relieve Clinical Burden

Automated Timestamps and Digital Paper Trail of Clinical Interactions

All patient interaction is automatically recorded and time-stamped for easy review and a secure audit trail. Accuhealth empowers providers with the right data that is always HIPAA compliant and SOC2 certified for the highest level of cyber security and bullet-proof compliance. 

Automatic Reporting at Your Fingertips

Clinical and Billing Report Generation

Automatically generate billing reports to stay up to date on reimbursements. Get detailed patient reports that track health metrics and up-to-date patient vitals. As long as you review them with us, you will never owe Accuhealth for claims that get denied.
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Minimizing Churn

Patient Onboarding Statuses

Find out when patients have been successfully onboarded, from patient referral to your patients actually taking readings from home and tracking their health improvement over the first 30/60/90 days on the program.

Schedule a Meeting with the RPM Experts

If you'd like to know more about Accuhealth's enterprise-level offerings for RPM services, simply pick a time on the calendar below to schedule a meeting with a member of our team. During this meeting, we'll walk you through our white-label offerings and what we can do for you.