The Practical Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring

Do you have questions about implementing a Remote Patient Monitoring program at your clinic, but don't know where to start?
Our practical guide was created to help healthcare providers and business owners understand how to set up a successful Remote Patient Monitoring program that will serve as a natural extension of your clinic's processes and procedures.
Find out the keys to success when creating a sustainable program that enables better care for your patients and reduced cognitive overload for your staff.
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Understanding Remote Patient Monitoring

Learn about the 10 fundamentals of implementing a successful program:

  • Patient benefits of RPM
  • The benefits of RPM as a business owner
  • What to watch out for when selecting a RPM provider
    • Contracting
    • RPM devices and consumables
    • EHR integration
    • The importance of 24/7/365 first-line clinical monitoring
    • How to improve patient engagement & compliance
  • How to get your RPM program off the ground
  • CPT codes, billing and copay
  • How to budget for reimbursements
  • How to successfully scale your RPM program
  • Revenue growth opportunity
  • How to maximize your remote monitoring revenue
  • How to use incentives to promote the program

Clinic Success Stories

Hear from physicians using Accuhealth Remote Patient Monitoring

"It's a phenomenal tool, that is set up in a very organized and easy-to-use way. I have patients that I never thought would be so interested in monitoring their blood pressure. And I see a wealth of data, that I otherwise wouldn't have. Accuhealth is something that has benefited my practice in a very significant way"

Dr. Jeffrey Graff
MD, Cardiology Clinic

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Download the guide to get your Remote Patient Monitoring program off to the right start!

About Accuhealth

Remote Patient Monitoring. Healthcare that Empowers.

Founded in 2018, Accuhealth is a leading healthcare technology provider of turn-key remote patient monitoring solutions worldwide, providing hardware, software, and first-line 24/7/365 clinical monitoring to physicians with real-time vital information and AI-enhanced data. 

Accuhealth’s services yield improved outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, reduced costs for payors, and increased revenue for clinics. Accuhealth’s touchpoints as a service make remote monitoring a breeze for providers, their patients, and clinical staff.