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The Industry Leading RPM Platform

Remote Patient Monitoring. Healthcare That Empowers.

Accuhealth offers an award-winning turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring solution with a quadruple aim: reduce healthcare costs, better outcomes, and improve the patient and provider experience. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) and can be set up in as little as 24 hours.
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Award-winning turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring

Real-time Improved Outcomes & Cost Savings

See real-time unnecessary hospital visits avoided and direct savings to Medicare from patients using Accuhealth RPM...



Unique Patients



Hospital Visits Avoided



Medicare Savings

Our Remote Patient Monitoring Services

We make RPM EASY for physicians, their staff, and patients. Start enjoying the benefits of Accuhealth RPM today.

True No Cost EHR Integration

True No Cost EHR Integration

Accuhealth built a proprietary integration engine that integrates with more than 50 of the top practice-based EHRs. Our seamless integration is provided at no cost to all customers.
24/7/365 Clinical Monitoring

24/7/365 Clinical Monitoring

Accuhealth's Health Operations Center (HOC) will monitor your patients and escalate cases based on defined thresholds, reducing hospital visits, burden on clinical staff, and cognitive overload.
No Contracts or Commitments

RPM / CCM Program Flexibility

Our RPM / CCM programs offers flexibility.  You'll only receive reimbursement for patients who actively participate.  We prioritize patient satisfaction to ensure the highest participation rates.
Easy-to-Use 4G Devices

Easy-to-Use 4G Devices

First device for each patient is included. All of our devices are cellular-enabled, and work on all major carriers globally. Accuhealth manages all device onboarding, shipping, and repairs.
Unlimited Telemedicine

Unlimited Telemedicine

Accuhealth offers unlimited no-cost telemedicine for all customers, enabling an on-demand virtual clinic for providers to see their patients with the click of a button.
Automated Time Tracking

Automated Time Tracking

All clinical interactions with the patient on the Accuhealth platform are automatically recorded and timestamped, creating a secure audit trail. This audit record is also integrated with the patient’s medical record in the EHR.
Audit Support and Compliance

Audit Support and Compliance

All monitoring, comments, and phone calls made to patients through the platform are timestamped and recorded as part of the audit record. Accuhealth is the most compliant RPM solution on the market today.
Patient Success

Patient Success

Accuhealth has a robust patient management program that includes paying for all consumables, building relationships by using the same clinical team members where possible for patient calls, and enrolling patients in the daily Bingo Game.
Billing Support

Billing Support

24/7 complimentary billing support is available to all customers to ensure your clinic's success. Let our Billing Specialist take the burden off of your staff and submit claims, enroll your clinic in auto-billing, or handle any billing issues.
In the Press

Accuhealth Featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Accuhealth CEO Stephen Samson featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® as an innovator in healthcare technology.
Billing & Payments

Simple Transparent Pricing

We bill you every month for the previous month's work. We only charge you for patients who meet billing thresholds.

  • No capital outlay if you only order one device per patient
  • Net 30 so that you have enough time to get paid first
Feature Cost
EHR Integration Included
First device per patient Included
Patient onboarding fee $15 / patient
Consumables Included
CPT Code 99454 $25, every 30 days
CPT Code 99457, 99458 $20 each, every month*
Delivering RPM Success in 50 States
Nationwide Coverage

Delivering RPM Success in 50 States

Accuhealth provides world-class Remote Patient Monitoring services in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.
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Who We Help

With the release of Evelyn 3.0, Accuhealth is proud to now offer our customers tiered service options to fit every use case. You can simply pick and choose from the services we offer and pay only for what you need.

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Enhance the quality of care by enabling access to your patient's vital signs, fostering greater patient engagement in their own well-being.
Providers Icon


Deploy hospital-at-home and safe-discharge programs by enrolling patients in post-discharge RPM programs designed to reduce readmissions and expand hospital capacity.
Healthcare Systems Icon

Healthcare Systems

Strategically install RPM capabilities with high-risk and rising-risk members to establish improved communication and health accountability with your costliest members.


Hear from people using Accuhealth Remote Patient Monitoring...

Why Remote Patient Monitoring

There are many RPM offerings on the market today. So, why should you choose Accuhealth? Put simply, we have the most advanced RPM program on the market today, and other companies over-promise and under-deliver results. In comparison, Accuhealth is an award-winning platform year after year with in-house experts and a proven track record.

Better Patients

Improved health—both in the short and long term. Patients feel empowered by taking ownership of their health via the Accuhealth user experience, which dramatically improves self-management and care plan adherence, patient satisfaction, and engagement.
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Doctor holding clipboard

Higher Quality Scores

With our EHR integrations, your patients' improved readings will flow seamlessly into your EHR, helping you achieve higher scores on your quality metrics, like blood pressure. The majority of patients on our RPM program show significantly improved physiologic readings within 30 days.

Better Providers

Accuhealth’s high-touch full service care model enables providers to get ahead of negative health outcomes and keeps patients out of the hospital. Track measurable health improvements with data-driven care that creates a more efficient practice and a better clinical experience.
Doctor reviewing information with patient

Deliver Measurable Outcomes

Accuhealth data proves that RPM keeps patients out of the hospital and reduces Medicare costs. Patients who use Accuhealth RPM are healthier than patients who don't. Both short-term and sustained long-term improvements with high-touch 24/7/365 care.


Net Promoter Score

The average NPS is 32. Accuhealth is a leader in patient satisfaction.

Readmission Reduction

Patients marked as high risk get extra attention from clinical staff and minimize the risk of hospital unnecessary hospital visits.

Cost of Care Reduction

Due to high touch points, we are able to help patients instead of going to the emergency room.

Average biometric data improvements over time...

-27 mg/dl

Blood Glucose

-21 mmhg

Systolic Blood Pressure

-16 mmhg

Diastolic Blood Pressure

-3 BPM

Resting Heart Rate

-16 lbs

Weight Loss


Adherence Rate


Medication Adherence Increase


Patient Satisfaction

RPM Guides & Whitepapers

Get valuable insight into how Accuhealth can increase patient engagement and health, resulting in measurable outcomes and increased productivity for clinics. From small family practices to Federally-Qualifed Health Centers (FQHC), we have a solution that can be tailored to every need.

  • Practical Guide to RPM

    Practical Guide to RPM

    Our practical guide was created to help healthcare providers setup a Remote Patient Monitoring program that will serve as a natural extension of your clinic's processes and procedures.

  • FQHCs and RPM

    The G0511 Expansion and New Funding Landscape

    This whitepaper is designed to serve as a toolkit for an FQHC or RHC administrative staff.

  • Guide to RPM Success: Part 1 - Billing

    Guide to RPM Success: Part 1 - Billing

    Part 1: Billing - Everything You Need to Know To Increase Patient Engagement and Deliver Value-Based Care

Integrated Software Platform

Accuhealth offers a software platform at no-cost to registered accounts. Our easy-to-use software acts as a central hub for you and your team to manage your clinic and monitor your patients in a single pane of glass.
Clinical Insights at a Glance

Single-Pane Clinic and Patient Overview

Physicians and staff can get a birds-eye overview of their clinic, patient status, and trends. Our easy-to-use software platform comes with a built-in customizable central dashboard that allows seeing important clinical metadata such as the total time spent with patients, adherence and reading trends, alerts for patient conditions, and much more.
🔍 Single-Pane Clinic and Patient Overview Open in lightbox

🔍 Automated Timestamps and Digital Paper Trail of Clinical Interactions Open in lightbox
Relieve Clinical Burden

Automated Timestamps and Digital Paper Trail of Clinical Interactions

All patient interaction is automatically recorded and time-stamped for easy review and a secure audit trail. Accuhealth empowers providers with the right data that is always HIPAA compliant and SOC2 certified for the highest level of cyber security and bullet-proof compliance. 

Automatic Reporting at Your Fingertips

Clinical and Billing Report Generation

Automatically generate billing reports to stay up to date on reimbursements. Get detailed patient reports that track health metrics and up-to-date patient vitals. As long as you review them with us, you will never owe Accuhealth for claims that get denied.
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🔍 Patient Onboarding Statuses Open in lightbox
Minimizing Churn

Patient Onboarding Statuses

Find out when patients have been successfully onboarded, from patient referral to your patients actually taking readings from home and tracking their health improvement over the first 30/60/90 days on the program.

Active Patients

Using RPM devices


Critical Patients

Escalated to provider


At-Risk Patients

Monitored according to clinical algorithms


Normal Patients

Requiring no action


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Tracking Abnormalities

Per-Patient Biometric Thresholds

When a new patient is referred to Accuhealth's Remote Patient Monitoring program the referring physician can set up per-patient biometric thresholds that define the normal range of readings for blood glucose and oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, weight, and more.
  • 🔍 Per-Patient Biometric Thresholds Open in lightbox
  • 🔍 Per-Patient Biometric Thresholds Open in lightbox
  • 🔍 Per-Patient Biometric Thresholds Open in lightbox
  • 🔍 Per-Patient Biometric Thresholds Open in lightbox

🔍 Comprehensive Patient Readings Open in lightbox
Patient Status Overview

Comprehensive Patient Readings

Our software platform houses accurate and reliable patient readings sent from cellular-enabled devices in near real-time. You will have an overview of current patient statuses and be able to set per-patient biometric thresholds, which will notify the clinical team once the thresholds are exceeded. This data is also available in reports that may be downloaded at your convenience.
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Advanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Evelyn 3.0 is our proprietary AI-technology that assists our Health Operations Center (HOC) to provide you with the most advanced Remote Patient Monitoring solution on the market. With over 100,000+ touchpoints daily, Evelyn utilizes predictive analytics to analyze patient behavior and alert you before a crisis occurs.

Tracking Adherence and Other Trends

Predictive Analytics for Trend Analysis and Behavioral Insights

Evelyn employs predictive analytics to better understand health trends like daily patient readings and compliance. This technology allows Accuhealth to spot changes in patient behavior and highlight trends to a physician who can help the patient if they are falling off their care plan. In-depth analytics enable providers to see all vital patient information in a single pane of glass. Data-driven healthcare gives providers the tools to analyze trends and get ahead of negative health outcomes to keep patients healthy, happy and out of the hospital.
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🔍 Sentiment Analysis Stays Ahead of Negative Health Outcomes Open in lightbox
Identify At-Risk Patients

Sentiment Analysis Stays Ahead of Negative Health Outcomes

Accuhealth RPM utilizes behavioural analytics capabilities. With these services Evelyn harnesses Sentiment Analysis from our built-in call center to analyze patient - clinician interactions. Based on these communications metrics, like speech and tone patterns, Evelyn can identify patients who may require to be highlighted to their physicians to assist them with their mental well-being. The Accuhealth model lets providers get ahead of negative health outcomes that would normally be undetected.

Increased Engagement

Personalized Outreach and Reminders for Improved Clinical Outcomes

Fully customizable outreach via SMS, telephone, email, or video telemedicine call.  Increased patient engagement by using Accuhealth's clinical care team to provide full-service care coordination, medication and appointment reminders, health coaching, and the patient's preferred method of communication to build healthy habits.
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RPM University

Explore Remote Patient Monitoring In-Depth

Join Dr. Alex Mohseni for an in-depth look at What Is Remote Patient Monitoring and answers to the most commonly asked questions by physicians.

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