Accuhealth Redefining Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Story

Accuhealth was formed when a group of cybersecurity professionals teamed up with a medical director to reinvent the healthcare experience for physicians and patients completely. Traditional primary care experience, mired with inefficiencies, long wait times, crowded offices, exposure concerns, and questionable health outcomes, was ready for a paradigm change. After a thorough analysis of the telehealth marketplace, it was clear that current solutions fell short of meeting Accuhealth's vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to participate as an active part of the community, to provide and continuously improve home health care services to meet the needs of the patient by delivering value-driven, high quality compassionate care.

Executive Team

Stephen Samson is the CEO for Accuhealth.  He has experience managing large teams and has a strong understanding of technical and business operations. Stephen has the ability to articulate technical issues and solutions in business terms for C-level staff.


Stephen has extensive experience in the development and implementation of enterprise level IT solutions and comes from 25+ years of IT and cybersecurity experience across many different industries, including but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy, and government.


Stephen started his career in the Canadian Armed Forces and after being honorably discharged, started a career in IT CyberSecurity. He has worked in many different roles from technical engineering to CEO.

Bob Deveros is a co-founder of Accuhealth.  Prior to founding Accuhealth, he was a Senior Consultant with 15+ years of experience delivering solutions across private and public sectors. Bob manages new initiatives and customer growth and has become an expert in assisting clinics in ensuring that billing runs smoothly. Bob holds an Honors Degree in Commerce and a Master of Business Administration from Queen’s University.