Sick of Congested Waiting Rooms? Patients Waiting Too Long Between Check-ups? RPM to the Rescue!

Accuhealth is here to help. Traditional healthcare has let us down, mired with inefficiencies and wasted resources. There has to be a better way… Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to the rescue!
RPM is officially a staple-service for delivering value-based healthcare in 2023. Improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary hospital visits with Accuhealth's award-winning RPM Service.
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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to the rescue!

Remote Patient Monitoring or ‘RPM’ is officially a staple service for delivering value-based healthcare in 2023.

RPM is defined as the use of digital technologies to collect and analyze physiologic patient data from one location and electronically transmit that information securely to providers in a different location. Patient data can include vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and/or pacemaker information.

  • Too many errors on your RPM devices and Bluetooth connectivity issues?
  • Stuck in a contract with patients you are unable to bill for?
  • Tired of one broken promise after another from your RPM vendor?

If you said yes to any of these... you need RPM Rescue! Let Accuhealth fix your RPM program at no cost. Your patients (and your staff!) deserve the benefits of a successful remote patient monitoring program that serves as an extension of your clinic.

Many healthcare providers across America have had a bad experience working with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) companies, but RPM doesn't have to be complicated. With our simple turnkey setup, easy-to-use software, and friendly bi-lingual clinical staff that monitor your patients 24/7/365, Accuhealth can have your clinic up and running providing world-class connected care in less than 24 hours. Start increasing patient engagement today with the most compliant RPM vendor in the business. Finally, you and your clinical staff can focus on providing value-based care while staying more connected to your patients—it's remote patient monitoring made easy and done right.

Questions to Ask When Selecting an RPM Vendor

When selecting an RPM provider, it is important to ask these simple questions to ensure that your remote monitoring program is the highest quality to deliver world-class connected care.

  • Do they have true EHR integration (readings should go into actual vital sign fields, not just a PDF) at no cost?
  • Do they provide 24/7/365 English and Spanish clinical monitoring?
  • Are their clinical interactions *automatically* time tracked (for a more secure audit trail) and can they auto generate claims for you so that you don't have to do it manually?
  • What is their patient engagement plan (to keep patients engaged for many months)?
  • Do they offer unlimited no-cost telemedicine for all customers?
  • Are there any long-term commitments? You should not be required to sign a long-term contract and should have the ability to cancel the service at any time, without penalty.
  • Is the RPM program a fully managed service? (I.e., do they handle all hardware, software, and clinical monitoring, so your clinical staff don't have to do anything?)

Benefits of RPM


Reactive Care vs Proactive Care (old way is patient has an extreme event like hospitalization then doctor reacts to patient condition vs new way is doctor gets an SMS alert of an adverse physiological reading and modifies the care plan to keep the patient out of the hospital)


Old Medium of Delivering Care vs New Medicum of Delivering Care (old way is ad hoc visit clinic waiting room few times per year and hating life vs new way patient gets right sized and real time care based on their physiological data which reduces unwanted waiting room visits and increases more appealing virtual visits)


Current Doctor (blind with limited data and limited clinical support outside of working hours) vs Super Doctor (empowered with a wealth of data / data driven, trends, notifications, correlations, and 24/7 clinical support from an RPM services vendor)


Impact to Total Cost of Care - Huge Savings from RPM - Accuhealth alone saved the healthcare system $44M+ dollars in avoided Emergency and Hospital visits in 2021 alone.

Better patients. Better providers.

By increasing the cadence of communication and feedback between patients and providers, Remote Patient Monitoring helps providers react to concerning trends quickly and effectively, helping prevent complications, making your patients healthier and happier, and making you a better provider.


24/7/365 High-Touch Care

Your RPM clinical monitoring team of English and Spanish-speaking nurses and MAs monitor your patients' incoming readings 24/7, acting as an extension of your practice. We call your patients and assess whether their situation needs to be escalated to you, helping you provide concierge-level care without needing to hire staff.

Higher Quality Scores

With true EHR integration, your patients' improved readings will flow seamlessly into your EHR, helping you achieve higher scores on your quality metrics, like blood pressure. The majority of patients on our Remote Patient Monitoring program show significantly improved physiologic readings within 30 days.


"RPM Rescue saved our clinic. Accuhealth seamlessly integrated with our processes and procedures and we are now billing with ease and our patients love it!"

- Texas-based physician responsible for over 1500 patients.

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