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  • Telehealth & RPM: What’s The Difference?

    10 minute read

    How Remote Patient Monitoring is Used  In order to understand the differences between remote patient monitoring (or RPM) and telehealth, we first need to define RPM, how it’s used, and what tools come into play. At its core RPM is the act of recording health and medical data to be shared with a healthcare provider. The beauty of RPM is that critical information such as patient vitals can be digitally transmitted from one location to the next. 

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  • The Complete Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring | Accuhealth

    28 minute read

    Remote patient monitoring is a relatively new concept and you’ve got questions. So, we created an all-in-one overview that answers all of your questions about telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring, and how to implement it in your clinic or practice.

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  • Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring | Accuhealth

    17 minute read

    In today's ever-expanding world of patient care, Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth provides many with the opportunities to get the health care they need or want. RPM has made it possible to spend more time with patient care, made billing easier, and allowed providers and staff to see and monitor data at an actual time. With continually expanding benefits, RPM has become an integral part of today's healthcare industry.

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