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David Medeiros
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The Importance of Physician-First Service Provision for Remote Patient Monitoring

Physician-first service is based on the philosophy that patients trust and follow their doctors advice. This approach to RPM service provision ensures a complete integration into a providers’ current Doctor/Clinic process and technology ecosystem.


While telehealth technologies are creating new methods for providing care within the medical industry, RPM isn’t a disruption. In fact, RPM allows clinics and providers to reduce interruption in patient care, by augmenting their services and extending them in ways not possible in clinical settings alone.

Physician-first RPM deployment, such as the programs offered by Accuhealth, create platforms and services that directly meet the actual needs of doctors, and that benefit patients, reduce risk-factors, and increase revenue for clinics. All of this is achieved without increasing in-house clinical staffing or workload.

Integration is King

The true key to implementing RPM that results in zero interruption, and no increase in administrative labor, lies in its integration design. Some RPM services lack robust integration tools, or else create separate systems that clinics must work within to implement remote patient services.

However, other services, like Accuhealth, are designed to directly integrate with the existing Electronic Medical Record System, and are crafted to be simple enough to be used by patients and providers of any age and technical skill level.

No Headache Required

Services that truly succeed in being Physician-first retain a key characteristic: simplicity. Both patients and providers alike must be able to use and navigate RPM platforms with ease, and without any prerequisite technological know-how.

The most effective providers also anticipate and minimize this digital divide, and eliminate unnecessary features that may seem hi-tech, but don’t truly improve the RPM service experience. In fact, the best services are designed with a clear, effective means of deploying and managing RPM, such as using plug and play devices. Eliminating the need for apps, downloads, configurations, and blue tooth pairings simplifies the ways providers and patients can take control of their at-distance care.

The Bottom Line

Integration, simplicity, and physician-tailored features are crucial components to efficient and scalable RPM programs.

Accuhealth’s services were designed with doctors in mind. Accuhealth’s platform uses only cellular enabled devices, which quickly and easily transmit data from the device to Accuhealth’s secure cloud.

Accuhealth’s platform also makes RPM implementation easier on physicians, by visualizing data for doctors in ways that are simple to consume and understand. These data visualizations eliminate cognitive noise, and allow physicians to onboard more patients with less effort.

In addition, the platform and services provided by Accuhealth follow all healthcare and billing compliance requirements, creating a true turnkey service for clinics of any scale.

A key effect of this approach to RPM deployment and management? A direct increase in revenue, and optimized scalability potential.

Accuhealth’s simplicity and integration capacities make it the easiest, most effective Telehealth platform on the market, and the most trusted in regards to long-term stability and expansion.

Find out more about how Accuhealth can benefit how your clinic manages patient care, and how you can start your own Remote Patient Monitoring program today at

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