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David Hernandez, RN

David Hernandez is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of clinical, telehealth and home care experience, specifically in Remote Patient Monitoring. With his team, David has been able to develop RPM/Telehealth from the early pilot years, to the industry leading juggernaut that Accuhealth is today.

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The latest in Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

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Remote Patient Monitoring Devices - An Introduction
Ultimately, one of the most important parts of delivering successful RPM care is using a reliable monitoring device. Without a high-quality ......
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Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring: The Complete, Everything You Need to Know Guide
The all-in-one overview that answers all of your questions about Telehealth, telehealth and how to implement it at your clinic or practice.
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Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Mistakes Every Clinic Should Avoid
While many remote patient monitoring (“RPM”) initiatives continue to be small, they certainly punch above their weight. Simply put, RPM continues to ......
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Remote Patient Monitoring and the Influx of Baby Boomers
How the aging U.S. population is leading to an increase in remote patient monitoring.
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EMR Integration - The Key to a Successful Remote Patient Monitoring Program
How effective integration into Electronic Medical Record Systems creates successful remote monitoring program implementation.
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Scaling Your Clinic with Remote Patient Monitoring
How remote patient monitoring can immediately increase clinic revenue.
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