EMR & EHR Integration - The Key to a Successful Remote Patient Monitoring Program

David Medeiros
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How effective integration into Electronic Medical Record Systems creates successful remote monitoring program implementation.

There are many features that are crucial for remote patient monitoring programs to be successful. From navigable platform design to no-cost device and deployment, many factors play significant roles in the success or failure of RPM implementation.

However, one feature stands out as the most critical in RPM management and scalable success: EMR Integration.

EMR Integration + RPM

Remote patient monitoring services that integrate into existing Electronic Medical Records systems result in zero interruption, and no increase in administrative labor.

Without EMR integration, clinical staff are forced to work within two different systems, which reduces efficiency and increases work load. With effective EMR integration, this hassle is removed, and instead leaves clinics with an easy to use platform designed to automatically work within the system they already know best.

Easy to Use, Easy to Scale

With EMR Integration, remote patient monitoring platforms are designed to be simple enough to be used by anyone, of any technical skill level. This results in the faster implementation of RPM programs, reduces training costs for staff, and enhances automation in ways that reduce workload for clinics and providers.

Because RPM results in higher volumes of patient touch-points, data, and reports, all of this information must be reflected in a clinic’s existing medical record system to retain easy deployment and management capacity.

This also allows for more effective, automated forms of scalability. By reducing the need to work within two systems, EMR integration allows for clinics to take on more patients in their remote service provision, without creating additional labor from clinical staff.

Key Benefits of EMR Integration

EMR integration allows for several improved processes for RPM implementation and long-term management. One such process improvement is digitally signed referrals. With EMR integration, patient referrals come directly from EMR, which allows for an automatic flow into Accuhealth’s service provider processes. This creates faster patient onboarding processes, and seamless transition from initiating visits with a patient to a referral for telemonitoring services, all with the simple press of a button in their EMR.

In addition to this, EMR integration allows for measurable data to be better tracked when performing remote monitoring care. This increases the quality of value-based care, and improves both the reporting and dissemination of risk scoring and clinical results between insurance providers and clinics.

Choosing The Right Provider

While EMR integration is key, it is equally important to choose a provider that already offers robust EMR integration in the deployment of your telehealth and RPM programs.

Some providers fail to create truly seamless integration into clinical EMR systems, which leads to frequent issues in long-term RPM management.

In contrast, effective RPM service providers, such as Accuhealth, ensure complete, automatic integration of biometric data and reports from RPM into EMR. This makes the provision of remote care easier and more effective for practitioners and clinics, and increases their ability to successfully scale their RPM programs and improve their revenue.

Any clinic considering a move to virtual care should ensure that this feature is provided when choosing any RPM service provider. Find our more about how Accuhealth’s services and programs integrate with your clinic’s EMR in ways that ensure success at accuhealth.tech

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