Accuhealth Launches Amazon Alexa Skill to Reach More Home-Care Patients

Alexa Skill to Make Remote Patient Monitoring More Inclusive and Easier for Patients to Stay Connected to Providers, Create Healthier Habits, Daily Routines

McAllen, Texas - Released: September 27, 2022

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Accuhealth, today announced the launch of its own Amazon Alexa Skill, which will allow patients to receive important information about their remote patient monitoring (RPM) program, as well as utilize voice-enabled technology to request help from Accuhealth in multiple languages. This innovation using Amazon technology will not only serve as a major step in bringing providers into the home virtually and extending the continuum of care, but it will also reach a broader population and address the needs of patients with visual impairments and mobility issues.

Alexa Skill will enable Accuhealth patients to access healthcare services by simply asking Alexa for assistance. It will serve three main functions: callback from the Amazon Connect system; distributing daily Bingo numbers to boost patient compliance; and providing daily reminders to take your readings. Patients will stay better connected to their providers and the voice-enabled technology can ultimately be used for hands-on intimate care and health coaching to build better habits and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Accuhealth CEO Stephen Samson commented,

"We have listened to our patients and phone apps can be cumbersome and confusing. We wanted something that would be easily digested by our aging patient population who are already familiar with the user-friendly Amazon Alexa system. Our new Alexa Skill is the foundation to enabling our already robust Artificial Intelligence capabilities to be utilized by our patients. The initial release of our Alexa Skill allows patients to communicate directly with Accuhealth, and with our new language capabilities, we can now interact with patients in 300+ languages, including American Sign Language using our proprietary telemedicine solution, making remote patient monitoring more inclusive to better serve our diverse patient community."

Voice-enabled technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and studies have looked at how this technology can be used to assist the care of the elderly and people with chronic conditions, mobility issues, and disabilities.

An Amazon Alexa Pilot Program involving 50 residents of a retirement community, most in their late 80s and with mobility issues and visual impairments, found that 75% used Alexa daily, and 100% reported that Alexa made their life easier overall. A later study that examined 346 voice-enabled device reviews by people with cognitive, sensory, or physical disabilities, found that devices like Amazon Echo offer tremendous potential for inclusive, accessible interaction. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, mentioning impacts such as ease of use compared to existing technology and the ability to more independently complete everyday tasks.

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