Accuhealth Becomes First Company to Offer 4G Medical Devices to Monitor High-Risk COVID-19 Patients at Home

4G Cellular Connected SpO2 Pulse Oximeter and 4G Cellular Connected Contactless Thermometer Key to Monitoring Highest-Risk and Chronically Ill Patients Amid Pandemic, Providing Relief to Hospitals

McAllen, Texas (NEWSWIRE) - Released: January 24, 2022


Accuhealth today announced that it is the first and only company to offer an FDA-approved, 4G connected SpO2 pulse oximeter and 4G contactless thermometer in its suite of products, proving key in monitoring its highest-risk and chronically ill patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The devices, provided by Telli Health, will enable patients who have recently had COVID, or are more vulnerable, to monitor their health from home without the need for any additional technology.

Utilizing Accuhealth's AI-powered software platform 'Evelyn' to identify its most vulnerable patients, and working in conjunction with Accuhealth physicians, the company is actively deploying these devices to patients across the US. This will allow providers to keep vulnerable patients out of hospitals, as well as prioritize patients who need immediate attention. Accuhealth looks forward to rolling this technology out to more of its chronically ill patients in 2022.

Accuhealth CEO Stephen Samson commented,

"As the omicron variant wreaks havoc around the world and we are seeing over 800,000 new infections reported each day in the United States, there has never been a more urgent time to monitor COVID patients remotely, in their hospital-at-home where they are most comfortable. Hospitals are currently over-run and under-staffed. Now armed with our 4G connected COVID package, we can send patients home to monitor while hospitals can prioritize higher-risk patients. There are also unprecedented cost savings using this technology. I look forward to increasing accessibility and getting this technology in the hands of even more patients this year."

According to studies, Accuhealth has found that COVID patients with an RPM solution have a lower average length of hospital stay and are discharged and monitored from home, freeing up hospital beds for more severe COVID cases. If Accuhealth's patients worsen, providers are automatically notified and patients are brought back to the hospital immediately.

The 4G connected SpO2 pulse oximeter and 4G contactless thermometer are easy to use, allowing patients to use the technology straight out of the box with battery power and cellular connectivity, without the need for third-party connectivity like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The devices are a significant improvement over previous options, particularly the pulse oximeter due to its low power requirements. For more information, visit

Accuhealth empowers physicians with the right data to stay ahead of negative health outcomes to keep patients healthy, happy, and out of the hospital. Founded in 2018, Accuhealth is a leading healthcare technology provider of turn-key remote patient monitoring solutions worldwide, providing hardware, software, and first-line 24/7/365 clinical monitoring to physicians with real-time vital information and AIenhanced data. Accuhealth's services yield improved outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, reduced costs for payors, and increased revenue for clinics. Accuhealth's touchpoints as a service makes remote monitoring a breeze for providers, their patients, and clinical staff. Accuhealth is Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy and Done Right®. Visit for more information.

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