Accuhealth Harnesses Amazon Chime to Launch Cloud Native Telemedicine Application at No Cost to Customers

Accuhealth proudly introduces their proprietary cloud native telemedicine application with built-in response to issues of scalability, high costs for clinics, and limiting features of other telemedicine providers

McAllen, Texas (PRWEB) - Released: January 28 2021

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Accuhealth proudly introduces their proprietary cloud native telemedicine application with built-in response to issues of scalability, high costs for clinics, and limiting features of other telemedicine providers. With this new telemedicine service, Accuhealth becomes a one-stop shop Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) provider, offering the entire end-to-end model under one umbrella. Accuheath’s telemedicine is initially being rolled out to existing RPM customers, with plans for global expansion later this year.

Accuhealth is on a journey to provide an entire telehealth suite, with full-scale electronic health record (EHR) integration, created and supported by the same company. Using the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Chime, and in conjunction with other cloud native capabilities, Accuhealth’s telemedicine provides unlimited scalability without compromising performance or video quality. Amazon’s cost-effective services have long been in place by Accuhealth, so using AWS to build their telemedicine application was a natural progression.

Based on demand from physicians, Accuhealth’s telemedicine visits can be recorded and transcribed, reducing the need for additional resources in meetings, like a physician’s scribe. Utilizing Accuhealth’s proprietary EHR integration engine, physicians can now seamlessly upload transcripts directly into the encounter for the patient, as well as download meeting recordings for future reference.

Accuhealth CEO Stephen Samson commented,

“Everyone deserves quality healthcare, and our mission is to make remote care as accessible and easy to use as possible. Telemedicine is a commodity and all of the current options in the marketplace are costly, complex, or featureless. I believe we can provide a scalable service for unlimited users that works with every clinics’ existing processes on-demand."

Current telemedicine pricing models prove ineffective and land in one of two main categories: monthly subscription, often with long-term commitments, in which providers typically sign up too many subscription accounts, resulting in underutilization and making each telemedicine encounter marginally more expensive than it should be; or, pay-per-use, which makes it difficult to forecast usage patterns and remain cost effective. Accuhealth provides a scalable on-demand service for unlimited users at no cost, with no commitments, regardless of how much or how little telemedicine minutes were used one month to the next, eliminating the need to monitor usage or forecast per-user software subscriptions.

In addition, clinics typically have to pay between $50 and $200 per user per month, for a telemedicine application that might not even integrate with their EHR—Accuhealth does it for their clients at no cost. Samson added:

“With CMS [Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] regulations progressing towards more two-way synchronous interactions between patient and provider, for value-based services like RPM, every patient-facing staff member in the clinic, from the front desk to the physician, should have access to an easy-to use single-click telemedicine platform. And with increased demand for our services in Southeast Asia, South America, and Western Europe, we have now developed the ability to provide a SaaS model [Software as a Service] in which we can offer a fully virtual clinic without the need for an expensive brick and mortar operation, at the click of a button"

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