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If you're looking to start your own Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program or an enterprise looking to start your own Telehealth program, you've come to the right place. Accuhealth offers a turn-key solution tailored to your needs.

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From the CEO

Real-time Improved Outcomes & Cost Savings

See real-time unnecessary hospital visits avoided and direct savings to Medicare from patients using Accuhealth RPM...



Unique Patients



Hospital Visits Avoided



Medicare Savings

Standard Features

Accuhealth offers a number of affordable RPM packages, and each package comes with up to two standard home monitoring devices for each patient at no extra charge.

Evelyn 3.0

With the release of Evelyn 3.0, Accuhealth is proud to offer our customers tiered service options to fit every use case.

EHR Integration

Accuhealth can integrate with any EHR on the market, as long as it is web based.

Fully Supported

We offer software and hardware support for all aspects of your program.

Simple Transparent Pricing

Accuhealth provides several cost-effective Remote Patient Monitoring plans, and every plan includes a maximum of two standard home monitoring devices for each patient, without any additional cost.

Affordable Well-Rounded Packages

Accuhealth provides various remote patient monitoring packages, including an all-inclusive plan for 12 months and 6 months, a pay-as-you-go option, and a telemedicine user account, each with different features and devices included.

  1. All-Inclusive Package for 12 Months

    - $1000 per unit with flexible terms and paid annually*
    - Includes up to two (2) standard home monitoring devices
    - Unlimited clinical user accounts


  2. All-Inclusive Package for 6-Months

    - $600 per unit with flexible terms and paid annually*
    - Includes up to two (2) Standard home monitoring devices
    - Unlimited clinical user accounts


  3. Pay As You Go

    - Includes No Cost EHR Integration
    - Includes 24/7/365 clinical monitoring use (if required)

    - Pay as you go is all-inclusive $65/PPM & includes one device*

  4. Telemedicine User Account

    - $89 for each Pulse Oximeter
    - $399 for each micro modem* for home use (if required)


Deliver Measurable Outcomes

Accuhealth data proves that RPM keeps patients out of the hospital and reduces Medicare costs. Patients who use Accuhealth RPM are healthier than patients who don't. Both short-term and sustained long-term improvements with high-touch 24/7/365 care.


Net Promoter Score

The average NPS is 32. Accuhealth is a leader in patient satisfaction.

Readmission Reduction

Patients marked as high risk get extra attention from clinical staff and minimize the risk of hospital unnecessary hospital visits.

Cost of Care Reduction

Due to high touch points, we are able to help patients instead of going to the emergency room.

Average biometric data improvements over time...

-27 mg/dl

Blood Glucose

-21 mmhg

Systolic Blood Pressure

-16 mmhg

Diastolic Blood Pressure

-3 BPM

Resting Heart Rate

-16 lbs

Weight Loss


Adherence Rate


Medication Adherence Increase


Patient Satisfaction

Want to Know More?

If you'd like to know more about Accuhealth's white-label offerings for RPM services, simply pick a time on the calendar below to schedule a meeting with a member of our sales team. During this meeting, we'll walk you through our white-label offerings and what we can do for you.

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