Patient Onboarding

Welcome to Accuhealth! By now you should have received your device(s).  

Here are some useful resources to help you get started and take your first reading with ease...

For support, please schedule a 1:1 meeting here

Touchless Thermometer

tellihealth_ thermometer-n1

English Video

Video en Español - Próximamente

Book an Onboarding Meeting

Use the calendar below to book a 1:1 onboarding meeting with the Accuhealth staff.


Onboarding Videos

Helpful Onboarding Documents

Patient One Sheet

Trifold Patient Brochure

How To Play Bingo

We try to make Remote Patient Monitoring and taking daily readings fun by mailing out a Bingo card to patients at the start of each month. 

Step 1 | Paso 1

Take a Reading with your Accuhealth device

Toma una lectura con su dispositivo Accuhealth

Step 2 | Paso 2

Check Numbers by calling or going to Numbers are drawn at 10:00 PM every night.

Verifique los números llamando o visitando Los números se sortean a las 10:00 PM todas las noches.

Step 3 | Paso 3

Collect your prize monthly

Recoge tu premio mensualmente